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10 potato salads to take to your next barbecue

After the best potato salad recipe? Here are 10 of our favourites to take to your next weekend barbie.

1. Crispy potato salad with blue cheese

This potato salad is loaded with crispy potato, bacon and green peas. Even better, it’s covered with a creamy blue cheese dressing for the ultimate side dish.

2. Honey-mustard potato salad

Our honey-mustard dressing is the perfect alternative to mayo. Try it in this mouth-watering recipe.

3. Classic potato salad

This classic potato salad features capers, horseradish and dill. Topped with soft-boiled egg and crispy bacon, it’s a dish packed with flavour.

4. Chargrilled potato salad 

Keep it classic with this chargrilled potato salad recipe. With pesto and roasted tomato, it's simple yet incredibly tasty.

5. Southern-style sweet potato salad

This colourful dish will light up the table. The tangy buttermilk dressing brings all the flavours together for a taste sensation.

6. Potato salad with pesto and crispy pancetta

This potato salad is a sure-fire winner. Loaded with basil pesto, crispy pancetta and soft boil egg, you'll be heading back for seconds.

7. Potato salad with green goddess dressing

Complete with our green goddess dressing, this fresh-tasting potato salad goes well with any main. 

8. Potato, red cabbage and blue cheese salad

Bursting with flavour from pecans, cabbage and a blue cheese dressing, this potato salad is ideal for entertaining. 

9. Hot smoked salmon and potato salad

Want to take your potato salad to the next level? Try our hot-smoked salmon version. It’s loaded with greens and drizzled with a creamy dressing.

10. Warm potato salad

Summer barbeques just got a whole lot better thanks to this creamy potato salad dish. It’ll be your new go-to.