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10 warming pumpkin recipes to get you through winter

Warm yourself up from the inside out this winter with these sweet and savoury pumpkin recipes.

1. Quick one pan pumpkin gnocchi bake

Meat-free Monday is sorted in just 15 minutes with this delicious pumpkin gnocchi tray bake.

2. Pumpkin and ginger soup with burnt butter

Spice up your pumpkin soup with this aromatic ginger and burnt butter recipe.

 3. Roasted pumpkin salad with orange and goat’s cheese

Sprinkled with goat’s cheese and drizzled with an orange dressing, this zesty salad is perfect for entertaining.

4. Spiced pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing

With cream cheese icing and maple caramel, this pumpkin cake will be a new family favourite.  

5. Roasted pumpkin ravioli with brown butter and sage

Ever wanted to make pasta from scratch? Our easy roasted pumpkin ravioli with brown butter recipe is your ticket to an irresistible homemade pasta dish. Give it a go this weekend, it’s well worth the effort.

6. Curtis Stone’s pumpkin chana masala

This chana masala is loaded with pumpkin and aromatic flavour. It’s the ultimate way to spice up your week. 

7. Pumpkin and caramel self-saucing pudding

Gooey and delicious, this pumpkin puddle pudding is the ultimate winter comfort food. 

8. Quick pumpkin dhal

Packed with pumpkin and delicious spices, this speedy dhal is a perfect dish for meat-free Monday.

9. Vegan miso eggplant with tofu and sesame pumpkin

This vegan miso eggplant dish is a great meat-free option. Served with tofu and sesame pumpkin, this recipe is a hit for its supreme taste and texture.

10. Hasselback pumpkin with sage and walnuts

This mouth-watering roasted pumpkin is topped with burnt butter and crunchy walnuts. It’s the perfect side to any main.