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11 classic soup recipes

Warm up from the inside out with one of our seasonal soups. From creamy spiced pumpkin, to Mexican chicken soup, there's a bowl for everyone.

1. Slow cooker spiced chicken and chickpea soup

Make the most of soup season and try this bowl, filled to the brim with wholesome ingredients.

2. Slow cooker Thai-style pumpkin soup

Pump up the flavour with our spicy spin on the classic soup. It's silky smooth and so delicious.

3. Slow cooker chicken and corn soup

Warm up your week with a slow-cooked bowl of tender chicken and corn soup. It's always a crowd-pleaser.

4. Creamy spiced pumpkin soup with red lentils

This pumpkin soup is topped with spiced chickpeas for crunch and coriander pesto for flavour. Serve it with crusty bread for a family hit.

5. Chinese-style long and short soup

Throw together this comforting Chinese-style soup for a dish that really hits the spot. It's super speedy and easy to make.

6. Green pesto vegetable soup

Vibrant and green, this creamy soup uses a nutty rocket pesto to amp up the flavour.

7. Thai chicken and ramen noodle soup

Combining authentic Thai and Japanese flavours, this hearty bowl is packed to the brim with noodles, chicken and veggies.

8. Courtney Roulston’s mushroom, lemongrass and coconut soup

Try Courtney’s creamy mushroom soup for an easy weeknight dinner. Made with lemongrass and coconut cream, it’s full of flavour. Top it with chilli oil for an extra kick.

9. Mexican chicken soup

Put a Mexican spin on comforting chicken soup with this recipe, featuring corn, black beans and rich tomato salsa.

10. Dairy-free pea and leek Soup

Satisfying and simple to make, this dairy-free soup is just what you need on a cold night.

11. Slow cooker Moroccan-style lamb and lentil soup

Aromatic spices and tender lamb make this winter soup extra satisfying.