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4 ways with pork belly

After some pork belly recipe inspiration? We’ve got 4 must-try ideas, from mouth-watering roasts to tasty family dinners. 

1. Pork belly with cherry gravy

Bite into this crispy yet tender pork belly topped with a cherry gravy. It’s the perfect entertaining dish to whip up while cherries are in-season. 

2. Pork belly with roast pear and rocket salad

A timeless classic, this pork belly is served with a fresh-tasting pear and rocket salad. 

3. Japanese-style pork noodle soup

This Asian-inspired soup is warming comfort food for you to enjoy any time of the year. 

4. Crispy-skin pork belly with caramelised apple

Complete with incredibly crispy skin and sweet caramelised apples, this recipe is a show-stopping main.