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5 desserts to try this summer

Craving a sweet treat? These tasty summer desserts are packed with flavour.

1. Vanilla panna cotta with aperol granita

Fresh and fruity, this panna cotta is a must-try this summer.

2. Lime and coconut creme caramel

We’ve put a tropical twist on creme caramel. It’s creamy texture and zesty syrup make it a flavour sensation.

3. Peach and raspberry slab pavlova 

Make the most of stone fruit in this delicious pavlova.

4. Margarita cheesecake tart

Whipping up a sweet treat? Don’t look past this zesty tart.

5. Vegan tropical ice cream cake 

If you’re in need of a vegan dessert, this ice cream cake is one to try.