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5 easy pasta salads

Up your salad game with these quick and easy recipes. They’re packed with flavour and perfect for weeknights.

1. Salmon Nicoise pasta salad

This salmon pasta salad is quick to make and bursting with flavour. 

2. Antipasto, bocconcini and risoni salad

This easy risoni salad is loaded with veggies, cherry bocconcini and olives. It’s simple to make and big on flavour.

3. Portuguese-style chorizo pasta salad

This tasty combo of penne, chorizo, haloumi and sriracha mayo is savoury bliss! It’s so quick and easy, perfect for weeknight meals.

4. Pea and ham pasta salad

This super speedy salad with baked pumpkin wedges is the perfect solution for weeknights or a busy weekend.

5. Chicken and fennel rigatoni salad

This combination of chicken, fennel and rigatoni is an easy crowd-pleaser.