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5 healthy lunches

Eating well can be easy and delicious with these recipes. 

1. Chicken and pineapple Turkish melts

These chicken and pineapple melts are loaded with spices and ready in under 30 mins. 

2. Grilled haloumi and green salad

This zesty and fresh-tasting salad is drizzled with yoghurt dressing. It makes for a wholesome lunch or light dinner.  

3. Cheesy salmon frittatas

Easy to prep and great on the go, these frittatas are big on flavour. 

4. Chicken and zucchini quinoa salad

Try something new with this chicken quinoa salad. Loaded with herbs, veggies, and chopped almonds, it’s full of flavour and texture.

5. Chicken pesto pasta

Take your chicken pesto pasta to the next level with this no-fuss recipe.