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5 ingredient meals

These quick and easy 5-ingredient meals are weeknight game changers. Give one, or all five of these speedy but delicious recipes a go this week.

1. Sweet potato and chilli bean tray bake

Cut down on the washing up with this simple but delicious sweet potato and chilli bean tray bake.

2. Creamy pumpkin soup with yoghurt and gnocchi

Made with yoghurt and gnocchi, this creamy pumpkin soup is an easy, veggie-loaded winner.

3. Tikka masala lamb chops

Spice up the week with this tikka masala lamb recipe. Served with refreshing cucumber, it’s the perfect balance of warm and cool flavours.

4. Yoghurt-coated lamb with Mediterranean-style veg

This yoghurt-coated lamb with Mediterranean-style veg makes for a delicious and filling dinner. It’s special enough to cook for friends and family, too!

5. Chicken and veggie pot pie

With golden, flaky puff pastry, this chicken and veggie pot pie is the perfect way to end the week.