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5 leek recipes

Have a go trying out these delicious leek recipes. Each one makes a satisfying family meal. 

1. Silverbeet, leek and fetta slice

This simple silverbeet, leek and fetta slice is loaded with veggies for an easy lunch or dinner idea. 

2. Creamy leek and mushroom pasta

Dinner is sorted with this creamy leek and mushroom pasta. Made with blue cheese, it’s full of irresistible flavour. 

3. Roasted leek with chicken and tarragon

Try this simple yet delicious chicken recipe for your next family roast dinner. 

4. Ham and leek potato gratin

This cheesy ham and leek potato gratin makes a hearty meal or side dish to share. 

5. Salmon and leek frittata 

Easy and delicious, this smoked salmon and leek frittata is great for a speedy dinner.