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5 must-try dishes this week

Stuck in the same cooking routine? Here are some mouth-watering ideas to get you out of your rut. 

1. BBQ lamb and barley salad

Who doesn't love tucking into a hearty salad? This combo of BBQ lamb and barley is a guaranteed hit. 

2. Curtis Stone's roast lamb with crispy potatoes

Take dinner to the next level with Curtis’ inventive take on the classic roast. 

3. Curtis Stone's roast chicken drumsticks with avocado and spring onion

Add this one to your midweek menu. Curtis Stone pairs chicken drumsticks with avocado and spring onion for a fresh and flavourful meal.

4. Yoghurt and strawberry tart

Craving something sweet? Try this irresistible tart for a dessert that really hits the spot. 

5. Curtis Stone's fried rice with BBQ chicken and vegetables

Try this crispy fried rice loaded with chicken and veg for an impressive family feed.