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5 must-try mini pies

These mini pies are the perfect snack, appetiser or light meal for when you have guests over. Try our beef, chicken or veggie options.

1. Easy beef pies

These hearty pies are golden and crispy on the outside, with a delicious beef mince filling.

2. Mexican-style chicken pies 

Packed with smoky salsa and coriander, these Mexican-style chicken pies are a flavour sensation. 

3. Country-style chicken pies 

Perfect for winter, these pies are filled with chicken and bacon for the ultimate comfort food.

4. Curried vegetable hand pies

Big on flavour and taste, these curried veggie pies are a great vegetarian option.

5. Spinach and pumpkin party pies 

Filled with spinach and pumpkin, these party pies are great finger food for entertaining.