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5 must-try noodle dishes

Add these 5 delicious noodle recipes to your cooking repertoire. They’re easy to make and packed with flavour.

1. Vietnamese-style chicken noodle soup

Spice up your usual chicken noodle soup with this Vietnamese-style dish.

2. Noodle frittatas with spicy pork

These noodle frittatas with spicy pork pack a flavour punch.

3. Singapore noodles

These crowd-pleasing Singapore noodles are a cinch to make.

4. Black noodle salad with lentils and pink grapefruit

Featuring zesty pink grapefruit, this tasty noodle salad is a must-try.

5. Curtis' beef and green bean chow fun noodle stir-fry

Step up your stir-fry game with this beef and noodle dish.