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5 new quick dinner ideas

These tasty dinner ideas are perfect for those busy weeknights. With only 5 ingredients each, they’re quick and easy to make. 

1. Creamy mushroom and zucchini fettuccine 

Loaded with veggies, this creamy pasta is a great midweek go-to. 

2. Thai-style pumpkin soup with meatballs

This warming soup packs a punch. It’s great for those cooler evenings. 

3. Stuffed eggplants with Italian-style mince 

Switch up dinner with these tasty stuffed eggplants. 

4. Korean-style fried rice 

This simple fried rice recipe a must-try. 

5. Smoky chicken wings with slaw and wedges

Served with crispy wedges and a tasty slaw, these smoky chicken wings will be a hit at every dinner table.