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5 new ways with whole chicken

Need new ideas for cooking a whole chicken? From slow cooker korma to a hearty Asian soup, we’ve got some delicious dinner hits to add to your cooking repertoire. 

1. Lemon chicken with smoky corn salad 

Bursting with zesty flavour, this tasty chicken dish is the perfect crowd-pleaser.

2. Slow cooker chicken korma

Give this chicken korma a go for your next curry night.

3. Italian style roast chicken

Bring a little taste of Italy to the dinner table with our spin on a classic roast chicken. 

4. Hainanese chicken and rice soup

Inspired by Poh’s Hainanese chicken rice from season one of Masterchef, this one-pot wonder is full of flavour.

5. Curtis’ braised whole chicken chilli verde

Spice up your whole chicken with Curtis’ Mexican-style twist.