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5 of our best raspberry recipes

When it comes to whipping up beautiful desserts, raspberries really are the perfect addition to make something really memorable. We have a recipe for any occasion, from the ultimate double chocolate brownies featuring raspberries for something rich and indulgent to a great no-fuss frozen cheesecake for something elegant, these recipes will please any guest you are cooking for.

1. Raspberry and double chocolate brownie

The ultimate choc-berry combo, put these fudgy brownies at the top of your to-do list. Ready to bake in just 10 minutes, they’re the perfect sweet treat.

2. Cherry and raspberry frozen cheesecake

Full of festive colour, this frozen cheesecake will make any occasion special. It’s perfect for summer entertaining.

3. Raspberry cheesecake scrolls

Have some fun with raspberry cheesecake flavours and create these mouth-watering scrolls. Topped with sweet, sticky icing, they’ll be gone in a flash.

4. Raspberry and white chocolate pudding

Served with vanilla ice cream and fresh berries, this raspberry and white chocolate pudding is the ultimate comfort food.

5. Gluten-free raspberry and hazelnut friand tart

Looking for a sweet treat that’s easy to transport? We’ve got you covered with this gluten-free friand tart. With raspberries and hazelnuts, it's a flavour sensation.