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5 simple soups

Warm yourself up with these easy but delicious soup recipes.

1. Curried green veggie soup with yoghurt and coriander 

Get cosy with this green veggie soup. It’s perfect for chilly nights.

2. Cheat's ramen

Take the hard work out of ramen with this cheat’s recipe.

3. Vietnamese-style chicken noodle soup

Switch up your classic chicken noodle soup and try this aromatic Vietnamese-style version.

4. Roasted tomato soup with spinach and ricotta dumplings

Filled with spinach and ricotta dumplings, this recipe is a tasty step up from your typical tomato soup. 

5. Pea and ham soup with crème fraîche

Served with a crème fraîche, this simple pea and ham soup is sure to be a hit.