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5 surprisingly savoury berry dishes

These simple savoury recipes starring berries will add some fresh and easy meals to your mid-week menu.

1. Berry and tomato salad with parmesan crisps

Our fresh-tasting berry and tomato salad is great on its own or as a side. Topped with parmesan crisps and honey-garlic dressing, the berry recipe is packed with flavour.

2. Blueberry and prosciutto pizza

Pair sweet blueberries with salty prosciutto and elevate your next homemade pizza. 

3. Blueberry and blackberry salad with hot-smoked salmon

Whether you need a dish for a quick dinner, or a casual bite with friends, this mixed berry salad with hot smoked salmon is simple and impressive.

4. Easy chicken and strawberry salad

Freshen up a favourite by adding strawberry to your next chicken salad. This quick and simple berry recipe is a dinner option sure to become a household favourite.

5. Strawberry and asparagus salad with salmon

Vibrant and fresh, this mouth-watering salad is guaranteed to be your new go-to.