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5 veggie-packed dinners to try this week

Loaded with veg, these tasty recipes have Monday to Friday sorted this week. 

1. Winter waldorf salad

Packed with veggies and crisp apple, this winter waldorf salad is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

2. Chargrilled miso salmon with broccoli rice

Served on a bed of broccoli rice, this chargrilled miso salmon is an easy way to enjoy seafood during the week. 

3. Curtis Stone’s lamb chops with purple cauliflower ‘couscous’ salad

Sneak some extra veggies in with this purple cauliflower and lamb salad. It’s bursting with colour and flavour.

4. Michael's creamy spinach spaghetti

Topped with crispy breadcrumbs, this creamy spinach spaghetti is an easy way to load up on veggies next pasta night. 

5. Stuffed eggplants with Italian-style mince

These tasty stuffed eggplants are loaded with flavour. With just 5 ingredients needed, they’ll save you time too.