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6 delicious pear recipes

If you’re looking to take your cooking to the next level, incorporating fruit is often a great way to boost the flavour. Try these sweet and savoury pear recipes.

1. Pear & white chocolate miso cookies

Made with pear, white chocolate and miso paste, these chunky cookies are hard to resist.

2. Curtis’ pear Bircher muesli

Up your breakfast and brunch game with this creamy and delicious Bircher muesli recipe.

3. Pork belly with roast pear and rocket salad

Pork pairs perfectly with pear and apples. This roast pear salad takes the crispy pork to the next level.

4. Baklava pears with saffron custard

Try this sweet treat for something different. Perfect for cooler nights, it’s the ultimate comfort food.

5. Pork pasties with quick pear relish

Swap the tomato sauce for this spiced pear relish. It’s the perfect match for these tasty pork pasties.

6. Sticky pear and chocolate mud cake

This sticky pear and chocolate mud cake is a real show-stopper. With rich chocolate, caramel and nutty flavours, it’s an impressive dish that’s worth the effort.