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6 ways to make the most of mangoes

Australian mango season is here, so make the most of these golden favourites in sweet treats and savoury meals.

1. Mango and prawn noodle salad with miso dressing

Loaded with crispy texture and fresh flavour, this Asian-style salad is a surefire hit.

2. Lamb cutlets with chilli-mango sambal 

Crispy lamb cutlets with a fresh mango sambal - the ultimate combo!

3. Mango and raspberry coconut semifreddo

Put this make-ahead dessert on your menu this season. It adds a burst of sunshine to any feast.

4. Sticky mango chicken skewers

Sweet and sticky, these mango skewers are guaranteed to be a new family favourite.

5. Mini raw mango cheesecakes

With a delicious combo of mango and coconut, these dairy-free cheesecakes are ready to tango. 

6. Jerk salmon and mango tacos

Here’s an idea for taco night. This combination of salmon, mango and crunchy veg is delicious. 

Want to know which mangoes to buy? Check out our guide to the best varieties in store and how to use them.