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6 ways with gingerbread

Nothing says Christmas like freshly-baked gingerbread. Try our 6 creative takes on this festive classic. They’re great for gifting, or they make a tasty afternoon treat to share with loved ones.

1. Gingerbread fruitcake with gingerbread city

Try this fruitcake with gingerbread city - it’s the perfect festive baking project.

2. Chocolate gingerbread biscuits

Try our chocolate gingerbread recipe for the perfect DIY gift this Christmas. 

3. Gingerbread house 

This traditional gingerbread house will make the perfect centrepiece for your home this Christmas.

4. Gingerbread brownie 

Take your classic brownie to the next level with our gingerbread twist. 

5. Gingerbread cupcakes with eggnog frosting 

Try these cute-as gingerbread cupcakes with eggnog frosting this festive season - they’re almost too pretty to eat!

6. Gingerbread cheesecake 

This indulgent gingerbread cheesecake is a festive dessert that’s guaranteed to impress.