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How to prep prawns

Curtis’ creamy prawn recipe is the perfect seafood starter.  



1. Peel the prawns

To peel, hold each prawn firmly and twist off the head, then use your thumb to peel away the legs and shell from the underside of the prawn. Leave the tail intact for best presentation, or gently slide off if desired.

Scoth fillet steaks

2. Remove the vein

To clean the prawns, use a small sharp knife to carefully cut a slit in the back of each prawn to expose the vein. Use your fingers to remove and discard (if the vein won’t come away easily, remove it with the tip of the knife). 

Scoth fillet steaks

3. Time to cook

When you’re ready to cook your pawns, it’s best to pan-fry or barbecue them over medium-high heat. They only need a few minutes of cooking time – you’ll know the prawns are cooked when they curl and turn bright orange in colour. 

Scoth fillet steaks