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Khanh Ong’s prawn cocktail 3 ways

Impress your guests with Khanh Ong’s 3 must-try variations of the much-loved prawn cocktail. Play it safe with the classic or else, have a go at one of his tasty twists.

1. Khanh Ong’s classic prawn cocktail 

Kick off your feast with a tasty classic. This prawn cocktail recipe is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. 

2. Khanh Ong’s prawn cocktail salad

After a fresh side dish? This delicious salad is loaded with prawns and creamy avo - you can’t go wrong. 

3. Khanh Ong’s prawn cocktail brioche

These mouth-watering brioche buns are packed with prawns, avo and creamy cocktail sauce. They’re a sure-fire hit.