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Adam Liaw's simple home cooking

Try these mouth-watering recipes from Adam Liaw in your kitchen this week. Each one is simple yet delicious.

1. Adam Liaw's peri-peri sauce

This sauce is one of Adam Liaw’s all-time favourites. It’s simple to make and can be paired with so many dishes.

2. Adam Liaw's peking-style sang choy bao

Put a tasty twist on your next family meal with Adam Liaw’s peking-style sang choy bao. It’s delicious and effortless.

3. Adam Liaw's peanut butter curry

Try Adam Liaw’s peanut butter curry. It’s perfect for feeding a crowd and only requires one pot!

4. Adam Liaw's lamb shoulder tacos

These slow-cooked lamb tacos are hard to resist. Each bite is full of rich flavours.

5. Adam Liaw's tofu doughnuts

Quick, easy and delicious, these tofu doughnuts are loved by Adam Liaw and his crew. Try them for yourself this weekend.

6. Adam Liaw's umami bolognese

Adam Liaw’s umami bolognese is a vegan twist on the family classic. Give it a go this week.