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Adele’s fusion menu

Christmas with Coles Cooking Club member Adele is all about colourful dishes from around the globe, with Persian and Filipino influences. 

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1. Trio of dips

Get the party started with these vibrant vegetarian dips. They’re delicious with flatbread and veggies






2. Shirazi salad

This cheerful salad is easy to make and goes with any main.


3. Jewelled rice

Adorned with pomegranate seeds, this festive rice is perfect for Christmas or any special occasion.


4. Baked Persian-style orange chicken roast

See what all the fuss is about and give this Persian-style chicken a go.


5. Tropical fruit semifreddo

Canned fruit salad and a fresh mango are the not-so-secret ingredients in this gluten-free semifreddo.