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Air fryer makeovers

We’ve reinvented these delicious meals so you can pop them in the air fryer for a quicker or healthier meal.

Curried chicken drumsticks with lentil and rice salad

Try our curried chicken drumsticks served with lentil and rice salad. This dish is a great midweek meal option.

Pumpkin and chickpea vegan pizzas

Pizza in the air fryer? You bet! Topped with pumpkin, mushrooms and chickpeas, they’re a tasty dinner option the whole family will love.

Almond and parmesan crusted salmon

Try this healthier take on fish and chips for an easy dinner idea.

Vietnamese-style spring roll salad

Enjoy golden spring rolls from the air fryer, without needing to deep-fry them in oil. 

Dukkah-crumbed chicken schnitzel 

This dukkah-crumbed chicken may take a little longer, but cooking it in the air fryer requires a fraction of the oil it takes to shallow-fry. 

Lemon & cardamom drizzle cake

This spiced lemon cake is moist and zesty - it’s a must-try.