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Apple dessert recipes

Think of apples as the quiet achievers in the fruit bowl – they may not seem fancy, but they always do the job of making desserts delicious. We took on the tough job of pinning down our top apple dessert recipes and here they are, from better-for-you apple crumble through to Curtis Stone’s must-try apple cinnamon cake.

1. Rhubarb and apple crumble

There’s so much to love about apple crumble – it’s nostalgic, comforting and easy to make over into a healthier dessert. This apple and rhubarb crumble is a must-try – the syrupy filling is made with apple juice while the apple crumble topping uses oats and wholemeal flour. Plus, it’s dairy free.

2. Cinnamon ice cream with baked apples

The easiest warm apple dessert you can make is baked apples – no need to peel, just core apples, add a tasty filling to the holes and bake until tender. Enjoy with bought vanilla ice cream or make it into a restaurant dessert with homemade cinnamon ice cream and caramel sauce.

3. Apple pie cupcakes

We love easy apple pie recipes with a twist, and here’s one that comes in cake form! Just make an apple and sour cream cake mixture and bake it in paper cases, then cut holes and fill with apple pie filling. Decorate with cream cheese icing, cinnamon and apple chips.

4. Blackberry and apple streusel cake

Can’t decide between apple crumble and apple cake? Get the best of both worlds with a streusel cake. This one has a swirled apple and cinnamon cake bursting with juicy blackberries and a simple yet irresistible apple crumble topping. It’s a great apple tea cake for morning or afternoon tea.

5. Apple tarte tatin

If the words “toffee apple” get your attention, then apple tarte tatin is the apple dessert for you. For this French favourite, caramelise butter and sugar in a frying pan, add the apple, tuck puff pastry over and bake. Then carefully turn over for the big reveal – it’s a beauty.

6. Apple and sour cream cake

If you’re in the mood for a classic apple cake, this recipe is a great choice. It’s a basic sour cream butter cake rippled with apple and caramel sauce, made even more special with sky-high salted caramel frosting and an eye-catching apple topping. We love the salted caramel drip too.

7. Morello cherry and apple crumble

For an apple crumble recipe to impress, try these individual desserts. We’ve updated the traditional apple pie filling with bottled cherries, while the golden apple crumble topping has golden syrup and shredded coconut to give it an Aussie twist. All you need on the side is vanilla bean ice cream.

8. Toffee apple pavlovas

Pavlova isn’t just for summer - this toffee apple twist makes a sweet surprise for any autumn or winter entertaining menu. Create individual meringue nests lightly spiced with cinnamon and star anise. Then make a sticky caramel sauce to marble through the brandied mascarpone topping and drizzle over the finished pavlovas.

9. Salted caramel apple pie

Apple pie recipes can be as easy as combining bought pastry with canned fruit, but there are real rewards in making everything from scratch. For this show-stopper, rustle up golden shortcrust pastry and salted caramel sauce, layer in a spiced apple pie filling, and finish with a pretty lattice topping.

10. Curtis Stone's apple cinnamon custard cake

This apple cinnamon cake was first published in 2013 and word of mouth has made it one of our most popular cake recipes to date. We think you’ll agree that this is no ordinary apple cake – the combination of cinnamon sugar crust and custard-like filling makes it a mouth-watering dessert.