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Batch cooking

Make mealtime easy with these time-saving batch cooking recipes. You’ll find something for every taste here, including a hearty vegetarian option. 

1. Braised beef short ribs

Made in the slow-cooker, this braised beef recipe is the ultimate comfort food. The leftovers freeze well too, so you can enjoy them the next time you're craving a hearty meal. 

2. Bolognaise style meatloaf

If you love both bolognaise and meatloaf, this recipe gives you the best of worlds. It makes eight servings, so why not freeze half for another meal?


3. Kung pao chicken

Inspired by the Chinese takeaway dish, this oven baked version is here to help you skip the weeknight rush.

4. Spiced lamb shoulder

The best thing about this lamb recipe? All the delicious meals you can enjoy with the leftovers, starting with a gourmet sandwich.

5. Red lentil dahl with spiced cauliflower

Looking to do some vegetarian meal prep? This vibrant dahl is a great place to start.