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Beef sausage recipes

Beef sausage recipes are great for making your budget go further. They’re easy to cook and popular with kids, so they tick a lot of boxes for family meals. Try these simple and tasty meals with beef sausages, including fresh ideas for beef sausage pasta, tray bakes and hearty soup and salad recipes.

1. Beef sausages with beetroot and lentil salad

Put this beef sausage salad recipe on stand-by for when you need a speedy meal. An easy spin on the classic beef, beetroot and lentil salad, it has sweet roasted capsicum strips and fresh spring onion in the mix. Toss with garlic, lemon and olive oil and serve with hummus.

2. Roasted vegetable and sausage pasta

For a beef sausage pasta recipe with plenty of veggies, try this idea. Use zucchini, red onion, Perino tomatoes and ready-to-roast pumpkin to make the easy roasted vegetables. Then combine with sausage meatballs, cooked penne pasta and tomato pesto. Finish with fresh basil and grated parmesan for a delicious dinner.

3. Tex-mex sausage tray bake with lime sour cream

If you love Mexican flavours, this beef sausage tray bake is for you. It starts off as a simple bake of sausages, capsicum, and cherry tomatoes seasoned with Mexican spices. Once these are cooked, add black beans and charred corn kernels then serve with zesty sour cream and soft tortillas.

4. Easy sausage skewers with corn slaw

Fancy a midweek barbecue? Try these sizzling sausage skewers glazed with a sticky mix of orange juice, cumin and sweet chilli sauce. They would taste great with a classic potato salad, but we love the freshness of this creamy slaw made with crisp shredded green cabbage and chargrilled corn kernels.

5. Italian-style sausage pasta

Short on time but love the idea of roasted vegetable beef sausage pasta? Add drained chargrilled vegetables to sausage meatballs instead of roasting your own. Save the oil from the jar and some pasta water to toss through the pasta with parmesan – it all comes together into a flavour-packed sauce.

6. Sausage and veggie tray bake

Here’s how to make a beef sausage, potato and roasted capsicum tray bake in 30 minutes. Take a shortcut with microwave baby potatoes in butter and arrange on a baking tray with sausages and baby capsicum pieces. Bake until tender and golden, then add rocket for a fuss-free 4-ingredient meal.

7. Sausage and vegetable soup

When you’re in the mood for a warming and filling soup, this easy recipe is a top pick. It’s based on a vegetable soup kit cooked with chickpeas, tomato and beef stock. Add sliced cooked sausages, spinach and basil to the soup and serve with garlic bread and grated parmesan.

8. Sausage pasta with greens and mint pesto

This eye-catching beef sausage pasta is full of fresh spring flavour thanks to tender-crisp asparagus, mixed peas and mint leaves. Remove the sausage skins to make the tasty meatballs and whip up a bright green pesto, blend pistachios, rocket, mint and parmesan with avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil.

9. Bangers and smashed potato tray bake

Swap bangers and mash for bangers and smash in this tasty potato, flat mushroom and beef sausage tray bake. The all-in-one meal also has caramelised balsamic onions and green beans. Boil the potatoes while the onions are cooking so you can crush them onto the tray for extra crispy edges.

10. Quick sausage shell pasta

Sausage meatballs and broccoli are a classic combination for Italian pizza and pasta dishes. This fast and easy 5-ingredient beef sausage pasta recipe also includes quality Italian pasta and a tomato and vegetable pasta sauce for a simple and delicious meal. Top it off with creamy fresh mozzarella or bocconcini.