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Best-ever chocolate recipes

 Make life a little sweeter with these decadent chocolate desserts.

1. Chocolate and raspberry truffle tart

Attention chocolate lovers! Loaded with white and dark chocolate, this decadent truffle tart is guaranteed to be your new favourite treat.

2. Choc-hazelnut self-saucing pudding

Are you nuts about choc-hazelnut? Then you'll instantly fall in love with our warm self-saucing pudding.

3. Chocolate caramel cupcakes 

These moist chocolate cakes are filled with a sweet, caramel centre - they’re a must-try. 

4. Quick choc mousse

This 15-minute chocolate mousse is the perfect quick-fix treat on a busy weeknight.

5. Mocha creme caramels

Try our inventive spin on the classic French custard using coffee and chocolate for added flavour.