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Best-ever Father’s Day roasts

Surprise Dad with a hearty roast lunch this Father’s Day. You can’t go wrong with any of these flavour-packed options.

1. Curtis Stone's roast pork with Thai chilli-mustard sauce and herbs

Put a spin on the family favourite and try this tasty roast pork packed with fragrant Asian flavours.

2. Curtis Stone's roast lamb with crispy potatoes

Love tender roast lamb? Try this flavour-packed version, served with crunchy, golden potatoes.

3. Curtis Stone's roast chicken with crispy brussels sprouts and focaccia

For a mouth-watering roast – completely with plenty of trimmings – try this whole chicken recipe. It’s served with crispy brussels sprouts and focaccia for a real show stopper.

4. Curtis Stone's roast lamb with warm potato salad

Try Curtis Stone's tasty twist on the traditional roast. Marinate lamb shoulder in a flavour-packed rosemary mixture and roast until tender, then plate up with a warm potato salad.

5. Roast chicken with leek and tarragon

Whip up real comfort food with this perfect roast chicken. Tender meat paired with tasty leek and tarragon make for a winning combination.

6. Curtis Stone's lamb roast with hasselback pumpkin and balsamic brown butter 

Curtis Stone puts a fresh twist on a classic lamb roast, pairing it with flavoursome hasselback pumpkin and balsamic brown butter.

7. Slow-roasted lime and ginger pork shoulder

For a show-stopping main, try this delicious pork dish. It’s perfectly tender and infused with fresh and zesty Asian-style flavours.

8. Curtis Stone's roast chickens with lemon and herbs

Say hello to your new favourite winter dish. These tender roast chickens are packed to the brim with mouth-watering herbs, spices and zesty citrus.

9. Curtis Stone's roast pork with cauliflower salad

Give classic roast pork and crackling the Curtis Stone treatment by serving it with a salad of grilled cauliflower, pomegranate seeds and toasted almonds.

10. Chilli and parmesan roast lamb

For a twist on the traditional roast, stuff boneless lamb shoulder with a chilli, cashew and parmesan dip, then bake with potatoes, carrots and thyme.

11. Classic roast beef with tomato and red wine gravy

Take roast beef to the next level with a delicious gravy that’s easy to make using roasted garlic, tomato and red wine.

12. Slow roasted Cuban mojo pork

For a new take on the traditional roast, slow cook pork in a citrus and garlic mojo sauce, then serve with a fresh mint and oregano chimichurri.

13. Roast lamb with mint jelly glaze

Whip up this tender roast lamb featuring a mint jelly glaze for a refreshing flavour twist.