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Budget recipes for dinner

Try these budget recipes for your next dinner. They’re super tasty, easy to do and won't break the bank.


1. Cheesy sausage and bean skillet bake

Loaded with canned legumes and frozen veg, this cheesy sausage recipe is a hearty meal that’s perfect for weeknights.


2. Pea and bacon pasta

Busy weeknights just got easier with this family-friendly pasta dish. It makes the most of pantry staples.


3. Lemony salmon cakes

Full of zesty flavour, these salmon fish cakes are a fantastic family meal to get you through the week.

4. Greek lentil salad 

This super easy Greek lentil salad is infused with mouth-watering Mediterranean flavours and canned legumes.


5. Sesame pork noodles

Light on your wallet and full of smoky sesame flavour, these satisfying pork noodles are a must-try meal.