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Festive cocktail party at home

Looking for your next cocktail party idea? Make your cocktail party at home extra festive with tips from award-winning bartender Millie Tang.

Meet Millie Tang

Former Australian Bartender of the Year Millie Tang was first drawn to bartending to free up time during the day to pursue her passion for photography. After landing a job at one of Brisbane’s most popular cocktail bars, she soon discovered her passion – and talent – for all things shaken and stirred.

Now Millie travels the world hosting pop-up bars, competing in international cocktail competitions and attending global industry and brand events. Here are some of Millie’s tips on how to make cocktails and a couple of starter cocktails that will keep friends and family coming back for more whenever it’s time to celebrate.

What you need for making cocktails

Get yourself set up

Many of us already have a simple bar kit, but if you need to buy some basic cocktail equipment, look for a shaker, strainer, jiggers, bar spoon, muddler, citrus press, blender and a range of glasses. Both short tumblers and hiball glasses always come in handy, but you can also use wine glasses to serve cocktails and mocktails.

Back to basics

The other important element? Ice. If you’re serious about cocktail-making, get some large-format ice trays for your freezer. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll go through, and it’s important to prep ahead.

Don’t forget presentation

If you’re ready to expand your glassware collection, coupes, martini glasses and tulip glasses are welcome additions. You might also want a nice jug, so you can batch cocktails for parties. 

Our best ever follow along cocktail recipes

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