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Chicken drumstick recipes

Whether you crumb it, batter it, marinate it, or keep it as is, chicken drumsticks are a fantastic (and fun) way to enjoy chicken. Here are 8 of our favourite chicken drumstick recipes that will make dinner a winner.

1. Ginger beer BBQ chicken with pineapple

Juicy chicken drumsticks marinated with crisp ginger beer, tangy pineapple juice, and a medley of spices, all grilled to perfection on a barbecue? Dinner doesn’t get more delicious than that—and it’s done in 30 minutes. Giving your chicken drumstick marinade at least an hour to flavour the chicken drumsticks will mean a tastier, richer result once it comes off the flames.

2. Curried chicken drumsticks with lentil and rice salad

Coated in curry powder and served on a steaming bed of protein-rich ProRice, these chicken drumsticks are a hearty and healthy weeknight dinner made easy with an air fryer. Pops of Perino tomato and the herbaceous tang of fresh coriander round out this 30-minute, 4-serve meal.

3. Easy fried chicken with homemade potato wedges

Chicken drumsticks were made to be coated in batter and fried in oil—but you don’t have to feel guilty about it! Rice bran oil has a high smoke point and subtle flavour for perfectly light and crispy fried chicken. Pair with homemade tartare sauce, chunky potato wedges and a fresh salad and you’ve got a dinner that delights.

4. Curtis Stone's roast chicken drumsticks with avocado

Out of dinner ideas for tonight? Curtis Stone has you covered. When you roast chicken drumsticks in the oven, you get a deep flavour, crispy skin, and tender meat that just falls off the bone. Lightly seasoned and served with brown rice and avocado and drizzled with a zesty dressing, this easy dinner recipe is done in just 40 minutes.

5. Luke Mangan's tandoori chicken drumsticks

Inspired by India and brought to the table by Luke Mangan, these tandoori marinated chicken drumsticks are comfort food made easy. The contrast of the richly spiced tandoori paste and Greek yoghurt marinade with little bursts of fresh, lemony cucumber is one you just have to try for yourself.

6. Curtis Stone's 'fried' chicken with iceberg wedge salad

Baking is the new frying, and Curtis Stone’s oven hack is sure to become a fast favourite for the crumbed chicken drumstick lovers at home. The spiced buttermilk and panko batter gets your chicken perfectly crispy and ready to dip in the blue cheese sauce, and once you reset your palate with the crunchy wedge salad, you’re ready to do it all over again.

7. Colin Fassnidge's chicken drumsticks with vegetable tray bake

The combination of chicken on the bone, seasonal veggies, and a sprinkle of herbs and spices is always one that satisfies at dinner time. Colin Fassnidge takes us into his kitchen to share exactly how to cook chicken drumsticks in the oven. Pro tip: place your chicken drumsticks on top of your veggies to maximise flavour!

8. Curtis Stone's sticky chicken drumsticks with rice and bok choy

Enjoy a taste of Asia at home with these sticky chicken drumsticks, brought to you by Curtis Stone. Combining two delicious marinades, these hoisin and honey soy chicken drumsticks bring the best of both flavours, especially when served on a bed of fluffy long-grain rice and and earthy bok choy.