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Aussie Christmas BBQ ideas for the whole family

Fire up the barbie this festive season for a spectacular Aussie feast. This compilation of Christmas BBQ recipes offers everything from impressive glazed hams and show-stopping seafood mains to grilled veggie sides, fresh and fruity salads, and even dessert. Savour the beautiful chargrilled flavour cooking over the barbecue imparts on your favourite ingredients while relishing in the great outdoors, true-blue style. No matter which type of grill you’re using, it pays to take advantage of the barbecue as it frees up precious oven space for other dishes and allows you to cook amongst loved ones – the way Christmas should be done.

1. Glazed Christmas ham with sweet and tangy barbecue sauce

Add this delicious glazed Christmas ham to your festive menu. Served with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, it's an easy way to impress your guests.

2. Barbecued prawns with rosé butter sauce

Create the best long lunch with our barbecued prawns with rosé butter sauce recipe. A delicious combination of flavours that everyone will be talking about.

3. BBQ lobster with corn and ginger butter

Itching to get a little fancy in the kitchen? Try this flavoursome and BBQ lobster with a luscious flavoured butter. It's great for entertaining.

4. BBQ baby broccoli with blue cheese creme fraiche

Topped with toasted almonds, this barbecued baby broccoli and blue cheese creme fraiche is a rich and creamy side that will complement any main.


5. Barbecued maple lamb shoulder

Tender lamb given a sweet and sticky treatment results in a big plate of deliciousness with our barbecued maple lamb shoulder recipe.

6. Marinated barbecued zucchini and tomatoes

Marinated barbecued zucchini and tomatoes will make for a delicious side. With just 10 minutes of prep time, they're an easy winner.

7. Fennel and garlic barbecued pork roast

This barbecued roast pork is the perfect main for a family get-together or festive feast. It’s fast to prepare and full of delicious smoky flavour.

8. Sticky mango glazed ham

Take your ham to a whole other level this Christmas with this sticky mango glazed ham recipe. It's the ultimate mix of sweet and savoury!

9. Barbecued lamb, grape and couscous salad

Add some fruity flavours to your next salad with this winning combination of tender barbecued lamb, fresh grapes and couscous.

10. Barbecued cinnamon and ginger pork with mango chilli salsa

After a family dinner to impress? This barbecued cinnamon and ginger pork recipe is a must-try. Served with a mango chilli salsa, it’s big on flavour.

11. BBQ asparagus and baby broccoli with bacon

This quick and easy 15-minute asparagus and broccoli side will pair well with any main dish. With bacon, pine nuts and parsley, it’s a tasty winner.

12. Prawn salad with watermelon gazpacho

Beat the heat and make this watermelon gazpacho for an easy dinner or lunch. Topped with prawn salad, it's quick, simple to prepare and refreshing.

13. Barbecued prawns with passionfruit ponzu

These barbecued prawns with passionfruit ponzu are the perfect mix of sweet and savoury. Take your next barbecue up a notch with this impressive main.

14. Haloumi and quinoa salad

For a tasty meat-free meal, barbecue haloumi and serve on a salad of quinoa, avocado and tomato, topped with homemade dill and walnut pesto.

15. Smoky bourbon barbecued pork

This smoky bourbon barbecued pork is a flavour explosion. Try out this dish next time you're firing up the barbecue, it definitely won't disappoint.

16. Tomato and bread salad with BBQ eggplant and capsicum

For a crowd-pleasing salad, try this tasty combination of tomato, crunchy bread and BBQ veggies. It’s topped with fresh herbs for a finishing touch.

17. Maple-bourbon pork ribs

Slow cook these maple bourbon glazed ribs in the barbie until smoky and sticky, then complete the dish with a charred corn salad.

18. Hawaiian pineapple sticks

Salty ham and sweet pineapple is an iconic tropical combo, and now you can bring that Hawaiian flavour to the party with these fragrant barbecue skewers.