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The best Christmas presents for your pets

Don’t forget your furry friends at Christmas time. We’ve come up with some great pet Christmas presents to make sure your fur babies are looked after, too.

Spoil your furry friends this Christmas

Has your pooch written its list for Santa yet? Odds are spending more time with you is right at the top but there are plenty of other options for spoiling your pet this Christmas. Oh, and we haven’t forgotten your feline friend either – time with you may come further down the list but we’ve got ideas that will make kitties happy, too.

young girl playing with dog

Christmas gifts for dogs from Coles

Seeing a dog rip into Christmas wrapping is a funny Christmas morning tradition. This year, wrap up one of the many soft toys available from Coles. We like this big Pixar Sully Dog Toy (because adding a squeaker to Christmas Day is just what you need!). If your dog is made of tougher stuff and chews through soft toys before you’ve even picked up the wrapping paper, go for this Toy Hotdog and Hamburger instead (don’t worry it still has a squeaker). And while the kids are playing with their Nerf toys, your pooch can get in on the action too, with this Nerf Feeder. Load it with your pup’s favourite treats and your dog will be kept quiet right through Christmas lunch.

The best homemade dog Christmas presents

Want to treat your pup to a special Christmas dinner? First, read up on what Christmas foods dogs can eat to save yourself an expensive emergency vet visit. There’s also a great recipe for homemade dog biscuits at the link. 

Don’t have time to bake treats for your puppy? We hear you. Instead head to the self-service Pet Treats Bar at Coles. Choose from delicious dog snacks, including yoghurt buttons, beef tendons and kangaroo tails. If there isn’t a self-serve kiosk at your local store, grab one of the packaged treats, like pigs ears, pork bones or these peanut butter-filled rolls.

Christmas gifts for dogs from Coles

Why should pups have all the fun? While your pooch is squeaking its soft toy, set your cat off with this wind-up mouse – it will keep them pouncing for hours and provide you with endless entertainment, too. Have a more sedate kitty? As far as Christmas gifts for cats go, this night-time cuddle toy will be a favourite. If your cat responds better to food gifts, try these chicken-flavoured treats or some grain-free kangaroo treats.

Gifts you can all enjoy

You’ll both benefit from these special treats for your pet – think an all-natural oatmeal shampoo or an anti-shedding coat conditioner for your dog that both smell great. To convince your cat to spend more time with you, grab a massage brush that detangles, smooths and soothes all at the same time.

Do I need to give my pet a Christmas gift?

That’s entirely up to you, but we don’t think any member of your family should miss out, including your furry friends. You don’t need to spend the earth, though – a little food treat or soft toy will suffice. Most dogs like tearing into the wrapping just as much as they do the gift. And have you ever met a cat that doesn’t love a box?

Can pets eat Christmas leftovers?

Be very careful with what Christmas food you give pets and remember everything in moderation. Most lean, cooked meats, like deboned turkey without skin, are OK as long as there are no ingredients like stuffing included, which may contain toxic ingredients like dried fruit. Leftover rice, pasta and potato, or fruits and veggies like apple, carrot and pumpkin are also OK to give to pets.