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Christmas ham recipes

Christmas is coming…and so is the extended family. Whether you’re here to get a head start on menu planning and prep for the big day, or you’re hunting for last-minute ideas that impress, there are Christmas hams for every table. We’ve compiled our best and brightest traditional Christmas ham recipes from the simple (think one-ingredient glazes, store-bought or homemade) to those that layer festive flavours and highlight seasonal ingredients. No matter which of these glazed ham recipes you choose to feed the family with this season, rest assured that everyone will go home full of Christmas cheer (and a container of leftovers).

1. Curtis Stone’s maple-glazed ham

Few ham glazes are more celebrated than the classic maple, especially when your ham has been smoked. The flavours play beautifully together to create a perfect balance. Sticky, glossy, and wonderfully caramelised after an hour of basting, Curtis Stone’s rendition of this traditional pairing is a must-try.

2. Rum and pineapple glazed ham

For a Christmas ham that tastes like summer, crack open a can of pineapple. This beautifully sweet ham comes out of the oven caramelised to perfection thanks to the clever arrangement of pineapple pieces tucked into the score marks. Choose a golden-hued rum with similar fruit, spice and caramel notes.

3. Stephanie’s grandpa’s cherry glazed ham

Decoratively scored, speared with glacé cherries and studded with cloves, this is one stunning ham that deserves to sit in the centre of the table. It’s basted with a tangy concoction of honey, brown sugar, sherry, mustard and soy sauce to deliver punchy flavour with every tender bite – just watch the toothpicks! 

4.  Passionfruit and palm sugar glazed ham

This Christmas ham glaze might only have 4 ingredients, but each of them plays a vital role in making your mouth water. The tang of passionfruit is a great contrast to the sweetness of sugar and maple syrup, and the inclusion of Dijon provides a savoury edge to bring it all together.

5.  Luke Mangan’s Guinness, mustard and maple glazed ham

Never underestimate the power (and flavour) of a good, malty stout. This Guinness and honey mustard ham glaze straddles the line between sweet and sharp with just the right balance of both. When brushed, the dark glaze gives the smoked ham a roasty appearance that looks divine on your Christmas table.

6. Curtis Stone’s sticky mango glazed ham

If you want a festive glazed ham recipe that also celebrates summer, take advantage of mango season. Simmered with spices that complement the fruit’s sweetness and made sticky with a syrup of sugar and rice wine vinegar, this glaze creates a richly caramelised ham with a delicious, jammy crust.

7. Charlotte's Christmas ham with plum glaze

For a Christmas classic with a twist, try this simple and delicious plum glazed ham. Plum jam and marmalade are the two not-so-secret ingredients which, together with wholegrain mustard, white wine, balsamic and brown sugar, create a sticky, tart-and-sweet combo that dazzles eyes and taste buds alike.

8. Marmalade glazed ham

This easy main event presents an orange glazed ham for your Christmas guests to marvel over. What they don’t know is that it requires only one key ingredient: marmalade. Choose a quality preserve and brush generously over your scored ham to achieve that glistening, caramelised glaze everybody loves.

9. Curtis Stone’s sweet and spicy glazed ham

This sweet and spicy glaze inspired by the flavours of Asia delivers something deliciously different. Traditional Christmas ham spices like star anise, cinnamon and cloves are sent to play with fresh ginger and garlic, pepper, fish sauce and rice wine vinegar for a main dish brimming with umami.

10.  Pomegranate and cinnamon glazed ham

Garnished with fresh herbs and pomegranate jewels, this glazed ham will be the star of the table. The ingredients list might have you raising an eyebrow at first, but the combination of tart fruit juice, classic spices, mustard, Moroccan seasoning and brown sugar sweetness will have you reaching for a second helping.