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Leftover recipes to keep making the most of Christmas Day

Christmas leftovers are among the most versatile of recipe ingredients. They’re often precooked and fully seasoned to maximise flavour even when stored overnight (or longer) in the fridge. It’s fairly standard to make up a plate of assorted dregs for a quick zap in the microwave, but why not keep the celebration going? Make the most of your Christmas Day leftovers with these tasty, functional recipes that are just as impressive as the main event. We’ve compiled creative ways to use up festive favourites by turning them into spectacular Christmas leftover meals – whether you’re re-doing dinner or just nibbling.

1. Turkey sandwich

If you need inspiration for leftover Christmas turkey, try a cafe-worthy turkey sandwich. It’s got all the tasty trappings, plus brie and cranberry sauce.

2. Tex-Max jacket potatoes

Use up that leftover Chrissy ham or roast to make these easy jacket potatoes. Complete with all the Tex-Mex trimmings, they’re a fun way to waste-not!

3. Combination fried rice

Make the most of your leftover roast dinner or Christmas ham by creating this tasty combination fried rice for a satisfying meal to enjoy the next day. 

4. Ploughman’s lunch

The classic ploughman's lunch is a tasty cold platter consisting of ham, cheese, pickles and bread. Serve it as an appetiser, grazing board or cold lunch.

5. Roasted baby potato salad

Try this roasted baby potato salad the next time you’re entertaining. It has the perfect balance of rich and bright flavours.

6. Giant club sandwich

We all love a classic club sandwich. So, what can be better than this giant club sandwich recipe! Perfect to share with others or not...

7. Prawn cutlets

Coated in crispy breadcrumbs and served with a zesty sweet chilli sauce, these prawn cutlets are a great summer starter for your next backyard gathering.

8. Macaroni salad

Tender pasta tossed with crisp in-season vegetables and bound with a tart and creamy dressing, this macaroni salad is a great side for your next barbecue.

9. Prawn cocktail brioche

You can’t go wrong with this easy prawn cocktail brioche. It’s super tasty and easy to make and is great for using up leftover Christmas prawns.

10. Potato salad sandwich

Perfect for picnics, this loaded Christmas leftover sandwich recipe will use up potato salad and ensure no dish from the festivities goes to waste.