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Cooking with seasonal citrus

Add a burst of sunshine to your plate with these delicious citrus recipes. From mains to desserts, you’ll love every bite of cooking with citrus.

1. Slow-baked rice pudding with citrus salad and caramel

This creamy slow-baked rice pudding is topped with caramel and a fresh citrus salad. It’s a gluten-free dessert that’s perfect for the winter months.

2. Roasted vegetables with whole lemon dressing

This tasty side is drizzled with a zesty homemade lemon dressing. It takes roast veggies to a whole new level.

3. Harissa snapper with orange, olive and lentil salad

Paired with an orange and lentil salad, this harissa snapper is a flavour explosion. It’s perfect for family dinners or casual entertaining.

4. Whole orange pudding with butterscotch sauce

With vibrant candied oranges and a mouth-watering butterscotch sauce, this dessert is not to be missed.