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The Courtney Roulston collection

Enjoy this selection of some of the best recipes by Courtney Roulston.

1. Courtney Roulston's beetroot and gin cured salmon with pickled cucumber

Courtney’s cured salmon is guaranteed to impress. It's cured with flavours from beetroot and gin and served with tasty homemade pickled cucumber.

2. Courtney Roulston's cauliflower tacos with roast tomato salsa

With spiced cauliflower and homemade tomato salsa, Courtney Roulston’s delicious vegetarian taco recipe is a winner. Try it for a mouth-watering lunch or dinner.

3. Courtney Roulston's easy bacon and leek frittata

Need some weeknight dinner inspiration? This fuss-free frittata comes to the rescue for a flavour-packed meal the family will love.

4. Courtney Roulston's slow-roasted lamb shoulder with crushed peas & mint salsa

Coles ambassador Courtney Roulston shares her favourite Easter recipe and happy memories of the school hat parade.

5. Courtney Roulston's blueberry and lemon frangipane galettes

These rustic blueberry and lemon frangipane galettes taste as good as they look. Served with yoghurt, they're perfect for any occasion.