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Courtney Roulston's guide to using the MasterChef cookware from Coles

If you’ve been collecting the MasterChef cookware available at Coles, Courtney Roulston recipes are here to help you get gourmet with the range. 

1. Courtney Roulstons master stock chicken with ginger and spring onion relish

Instead of your usual chicken dinner, why not give this aromatic Chinese-style recipe a go?

2. Courtney Roulstons crispy roast pork with apple, onion and mustard gravy

From the crisp pork to the perfectly sweet, savoury and tangy gravy, there’s a lot to love in this impressive roast.

3. Courtney Roulston's lamb korma meatballs

Flavoured with aromatic spices, this dairy-free meatball recipe is complete with a rich, dairy-free sauce. 

4. Courtney Roulston's potato and pea frittata with whipped fetta

This vibrant vegetarian frittata is perfect for a weekend breakfast or brunch. 

5. Courtney Roulston's Miso Golden Syrup Dumplings

Golden syrup infuses these dumplings with a delicious toffee flavour, which is brought out even further by the rich miso. 

6. Courtney Roulstons apple, rhubarb and macadamia crumble

Rhubarb gives this comforting crumble a touch of tang to balance the sweetness, all while adding a pretty pop of ruby-red.