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Curtis Stone’s chicken tips

Here’s Curtis’ tips to make a great-tasting chook

Uncooked chicken being rubbed with salt and oil

1. Rub the chicken with oil  

For perfectly golden skin, rub the chicken all over with oil and season generously. This helps it crisp up nicely in the oven.

Uncooked chicken being placed on a baking tray with raw veggies

2. Roast it on a bed of veggies

For a great-tasting chook, roast it with onions, celery and garlic. The chicken takes on their flavours as it cooks.

Roast chicken served in baking dish with roasted vegetables

3. Check it’s cooked 

The chicken is ready when it reaches 73°C or when the juices run clear when the thickest part of the thigh is pierced.

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