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Curtis Stone's comfort recipes

Curtis' grandma, Maude, played a huge role in shaping his love for food - so much so that he named his first restaurant after her. Here, he shares four special recipes that remind him of his granny and turn up the dial on comfort cooking.

1. Curtis Stone’s bangers and pumpkin mash with caramelised onion gravy 

This bangers and mash is a nod to Curtis Stone’s English heritage but with a modern twist – swapping traditional mashed potatoes for a rich pumpkin mash.

2. Curtis Stone’s roast lamb with Yorkshire pudding

A fond childhood memory, Sunday roasts were something Curtis Stone looked forward to all week. His grandmother Maude was from Yorkshire, so it was a must to serve roasts with a giant Yorkshire pudding.


3. Curtis Stone’s lemon delicious pudding

Naming his first restaurant after his granny Maude was a dream come true for Curtis. For the opening night, he served his version of her lemony pudding – it’s light and sweet, with a hint of tartness.

4. Curtis Stone’s granny Maude’s fudge 

Curtis’ granny Maude’s fudge is a recipe he remembers making with her as a child. It’s been a favourite of his ever since. Try out this sweet fudge that Curtis loves so much.