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Curtis Stone's Easter recipes

Curtis Stone serves up big flavours for Easter celebrations. With delicious and wholesome ingredients, these dishes will all go down a treat. Give them a go on the Easter long weekend.

1. Slow-roasted lamb shanks with cannellini beans

Slow cooked to perfection, these lamb shanks are rich in flavour and served on a bed of tasty beans.

2. Creamy broccoli soup with crispy florets

Curtis’ creamy broccoli soup is a great way to make the most of broccoli - stems and all. 

3. Snapper with dilly potatoes and pickled peppers

Pair snapper with dilly potatoes and pickled peppers for an impressive main. It’s easy to prepare and totally delicious. 

4. Spiced pear upside-down caramel tart

Finish off your Easter feast with this delicious spiced pear upside-down caramel tart. Served with caramel sauce, it’s easier than it looks.