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Family dinner recipes

Looking for tasty new meals to try out this week? These fuss-free, flavourful dishes will be a hit at the dinner table. 

1. Halloumi burgers with pineapple and chilli jam

With juicy pineapple and chilli jam, these easy halloumi burgers are a delicious way to shake up your next burger night. 

2. Gluten-free salmon pasta

Loaded with salmon and veggies, this gluten-free pasta is a filling and nutritious meal. 

3. BBQ chicken loaded nachos

Topped with tasty barbecue chicken, these loaded nachos are a smoky flavour explosion. 

4. Coconut-crumbed calamari and mango salad

Coated in a coconut crumb, this calamari dish is the ultimate combination of sweet and savoury flavours.

5. Baked pork katsu with rice salad

Served with a simple rice salad, this baked katsu pork will hit the spot.