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Feel good budget dinner recipes

Perfect for weeknights, these easy budget dinner ideas are full of lean proteins, bright veggies and wholesome grains. They’re packed with flavour, too. 

1. Barramundi and vegetable tray bake 

Brimming with barramundi, beans and an array of vibrant veggies, this dill and lemon-adorned tray bake is the ultimate dinner on a budget. 

2. Pea and zucchini falafels with fennel salad 

These hearty falafels make it easy to get your veggies in. Team them with a subtly sweet and peppery fennel salad, and bring the two together with creamy yoghurt. 

3. Pork and paneer salad with roasted carrots 

In need of some new easy dinner recipes on a budget? This pork and paneer salad is a great way to mix things up at meal time. Bring it together with an orange and cumin dressing and a sprinkle of hazelnuts for nuttiness and crunch. 

4. Paprika prawns and vegetable bake 

Adorned with toasted sourdough pieces and fresh basil, it’s easy to up your seafood intake with this colourful prawn and veggie bake. 

5. Chicken with zucchini and bean slaw 

Complete with a creamy tahini-yoghurt dressing and a sprinkling of almonds, you’d never know it was a light-on-your-wallet option.