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5 brand-new brekkie ideas

Get mornings off to a great start for the whole family with these easy and delicious breakfast recipes. 

1. Banana smoothies

Mix up the standard school brekkie routine with this creamy banana smoothie. 

2. Choc, berry and banana sheet pancakes

Say hello to the kids’ new favourite breakfast. These hassle-free sheet pancakes are the perfect sweet start to the school day.

3. Make-ahead porridge

Short on time? Look no further than this make-ahead porridge for a wholesome, filling meal. 

4. Bacon and egg breakfast muffins

Keep those little tummies full all morning long with these savoury muffins. They’re packed with bacon, eggs and veggies, making them a hearty option. 

5. Freeze-ahead muffins

For a kid-approved brekkie on the run, whip up a batch of these pumpkin and blueberry muffins.