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Everything you need for the footy finals

These tasty recipes will have your footy finals snacks sorted. Perfect for sharing, these delicious recipes are all winners.

1. Pork and apple sausage rolls

Serve these mouth-watering pork and apple sausage rolls with a tomato chutney for the ultimate game snack.

2. Spiced guacamole

Take your guac up a notch with this spiced guacamole recipe.

3. Butter chicken pizza

This flavourful pizza is a fusion of two classics.

4. Easy beef pies

Take the hard work out of game day with these easy beef pies.

5. Beef burgers with caramelised onions

This combo of juicy beef, crispy bacon and spicy mayo is guaranteed to be a hit.

6. Easy chicken tostadas

Served with lime, these easy chicken tostadas will hit the spot.

7. Leek and bacon cob dip

Take your dip game to the next level with this leek and bacon cob.

8. Potato and pea samosas with raita

Stuffed with potato and peas, these tasty samosas are sure to be a hit. 

9. Buffalo chicken monkey bread 

This savoury pull-apart monkey bread is perfect for sharing.

10. Crunchy popcorn cauliflower

Give this crunchy popcorn cauliflower a go.

11. Country-style chicken pies

Switch up your regular meat pies with these home-style chicken pot pies.

12. Lemon and lime coconut slice 

For something sweet, this citrus and coconut slice is just the thing to pass around.

13. Rocky road with a twist

This rocky road recipe is a twist on the classic. Everyone will be wanting more!