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Gluten-free dinner recipes

Whether you or your family members follow a gluten-free diet or you’re catering for guests who can’t eat gluten, you need some easy weeknight gluten free dinners up your sleeve. Here are our top 10 gluten free dinner recipes, including fuss-free meals and delicious ideas to impress when you’re entertaining, too.

1. Gluten-free salmon pasta

Think of this gluten free pasta recipe as a warm pasta salad. Toss cooked gluten-free pasta with succulent flakes of freshly grilled salmon plus pan-fried tomato and zucchini ribbons and a tangy salad dressing. To give this 5-ingredient recipe a boost of protein and fibre, try using gluten-free pulse pasta.

2. Gluten-free spiced tomato rice with salmon

This fast gluten-free dinner is cooked in two ways. For the spiced tomato rice, bake rice in the oven with onion, garlic, tomato and stock. Top the baked rice with spiced fresh salmon and steamed green beans, then finish under a hot grill until the salmon is cooked to your liking.

3. Sweet potato and zucchini fritters

Most veggie fritter recipes call for wheat flour, but we’ve gone for gluten-free buckwheat flour. Add spring onion and cheddar to the mix for extra flavour and shallow-fry in batches until crispy. The fritters make a tasty gluten-free dinner with salad and yoghurt dip and are great for lunches, too.

4. Air fryer chicken with quinoa salad

Made with spiced rubbed chicken breast fillets, this heart-healthy gluten free chicken recipe is a better-for-you twist on air fryer gluten free fried chicken. Don’t worry if you don’t have an air fryer – you can just bake the chicken in the oven instead. It’s delicious with the gluten-free quinoa salad.

5. Turkey mushroom burger

You don’t have to buy gluten-free burger buns to make gluten-free burgers for dinner. This heart-healthy recipe uses grilled flat mushrooms instead, which adds extra vegetables to the meal. The lemon and herb turkey patties are stacked up with avocado, tomato and beetroot for an Aussie burger with a twist.

6. Corn and zucchini frittata

This recipe makes an easy flourless alternative to gluten-free corn fritters or gluten-free zucchini slice. Serve it hot from the grill for dinner, or let it cool and pack it up for lunch the next day. It tastes great with the topping of rocket, Perino tomato and marinated goat’s cheese.

7. Cauliflower base pizza with prosciutto

Making your own cauliflower pizza base is a fun change from using gluten-free pizza bases - all you need is cauliflower, egg and grated parmesan. Once you’ve baked the base in the oven, spread it with homemade rocket, hazelnut and mint pesto. Arrange prosciutto and bocconcini on top and it’s ready to serve.

8. Spring veg quiche with sweet potato crust

On the hunt for a gluten free quiche recipe? One simple solution is to use vegetables to make the crust instead of pastry. This one has a crust made from sliced sweet potatoes, a filling loaded with veggies including leek, spinach, broccoli and peas, plus a tangy goat’s cheese topping.

9. Speedy wild rice and salmon salad

This gluten free rice salad is ideal for easy entertaining or a speedy weeknight meal - it only takes 15 minutes to prep and cook. Just toss flaked pan-fried salmon with warm microwavable rice mix, orange segments, freshly squeezed orange juice, pomegranate seeds and fresh mint leaves for a refreshing meal.

10. Fast falafel bowl

Gluten free falafel is a tasty alternative to meat in gluten-free recipes. This 5-ingredient recipe makes a super-easy weeknight gluten free dinner because you only need to pick up falafel balls, a salad kit, fetta, hommus and almonds. Reheat the falafel, toss the salad and serve the meal mezze style.