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Gluten-free lunch recipes

If you’re looking for gluten free lunch ideas, these gluten-free recipes are a great place to start. As well as gluten free meals that work for lunch or dinner, you’ll find gluten free light meals such as lunch box fillers and gluten-free picnic food, plus gluten free bites that you can serve as part of an entertaining lunch menu. 

1. Zucchini spaghetti with tomato sauce

Not all gluten free pasta recipes use actual pasta – this quick one has homemade spaghetti that’s cut from zucchini. Serve the zucchini pasta with a fresh-tasting sauce made with olive oil, sweet tomatoes, canned chickpeas and a little red chilli if you like it hot, and garnish with flat-leaf parsley. 

2. Ham and kaleslaw rice paper rolls

For an easy no-cook gluten free lunch, whip up this twist on Vietnamese rice paper rolls. Make the rainbow filling with crunchy kaleslaw, spicy sriracha mayo, shaved leg ham and tasty grated cheddar. The rolls make convenient gluten free picnic food, plus they’re a no-fuss dinner idea for busy nights.

3. Roasted cauliflower and tempeh salad

Looking for a gluten free salad that’s also healthy? This one was created in partnership with the Heart Foundation. The vegetarian salad stars golden roasted cauliflower and nutty tempeh in a green salad base with a honey-lemon dressing. Top it off with creamy mozzarella and nuts and seeds for crunch.

4. Blackened salmon with peach salad

Here’s the perfect gluten free salad to share as part of a summer lunch menu. Coat fresh salmon in a Cajun-style rub, then cook, flake and add to a simple salad of peaches, avocado, red onion and herb leaves. Want a no-cook salad? Try swapping the salmon for cooked prawns.

5. Corn and zucchini frittata

If you love gluten-free zucchini slice, give this easy frittata a go – as well as zucchini, it has corn kernels for pops of sweetness. Or swap out the veggies depending on what you have in the fridge. Cut into wedges, it’s ideal gluten free picnic food or for lunch boxes.

6. Creamy pesto chicken with veggie noodles

Here’s a colourful dish to share for a gluten-free lunch or dinner. The veggie noodles are made from scratch using fresh raw beetroot and carrots, then lightly cooked so they hold their shape. With the creamy tomato pesto chicken, kalamata olives, oregano and parmesan, it’s a tasty Mediterranean style meal.

7. Gluten-free salt and pepper tofu

Here’s a fun gluten-free finger food idea to serve as part of a lunch or dinner menu that’s also suitable for vegetarian and vegan guests. To make it, toss tofu pieces in seasoned rice flour and shallow-fry until crispy, then serve with a tasty dipping sauce made with gluten-free soy.

8. Gluten-free chicken salad sandwich

This gluten free salad sandwich is a simple solution for gluten free lunch boxes or picnic food. Just combine shredded cooked chicken breast fillet with gluten-free mayo, baby spinach and grated carrot on gluten-free sandwich bread. Want to add a treat to the lunch box? Try our gluten-free carrot cake.

9. Gluten-free sweet potato and fetta rolls

This recipe makes 36 mini rolls, so it’s great for a party but you can easily make larger rolls for a light meal. With a delicious vegetarian filling of spinach, fetta, chickpeas and mashed sweet potato on gluten-free puff pastry, it’s the perfect alternative to traditional sausage rolls for entertaining.

10. Salmon and leek frittata

This 5-ingredient frittata makes an easy change from gluten-free quiche for lunch because there’s no need for pastry. All you need to do is cook sliced potato and leek in a frying pan, add hot-smoked salmon, pour over the herbed egg mix and cook, then finish under a hot grill.